About Encounter AI

Encounter AI augments the operational frontlines of restaurants through a Voice AI system that takes orders at drive-thrus, kiosks, and over the phone. The startup is building a proprietary technology stack, leveraging technology from SRI International, the research institute that created Siri and Nuance.

Encounter’s Conversational RPA is a form of robust RPA that delivers dialogue flow automation of restaurant and retail-centric repetitive tasks, actions, and workflows. Through natural interactions over robotic processes, customers receive fast resolutions to their issues while store associates are relieved from busy work.

Products & Services

The Encounter AI solution integrates directly into the drive-thru, on-premise at quick-service restaurants, but can also deploy to the kiosk and mobile devices. It speaks directly with customers automating the ordering process, thus increasing speed-of-service, decreasing errors, and providing a better overall customer experience.

We can also identify customers to customize and personalize sales to them, which will increase revenue. Our solution also will allow operators to reallocate labor away from order processing, saving upwards of $40K per year/per location.

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