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MAI  provides  a  robust  voice  solution  to  augment  the  drive-thru  experience.  MAI’s  patent-pending drive-thru  technology  enables  operators  to  leverage  existing  resources,  such as human  capital  or  technology assets  to  further  drive  the  most  important  components  of  a  QSR'S  profitability.  MAI  is  designed  to  be  ‘ kaizen’ (or forever learning),  utilizing  machine  learning  to keep  itself  up  to  date  on  menu  items,  ordering  preferences  (i e  formal  name  vs  value  item)  and will  help operators  better  understand  the  customer  experience.


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Meet "Mai", Encounter AI's ordering assistant. Mai is one of the world's most advanced artificial intelligence assistants built specifically for restaurants and retail to improve accuracy, service, and speed.  She responds to your customers instantly via drive-thru, kiosk, or at-table tablets and allows your staff to focus on higher value tasks.


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