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Meet “Mai”

“Mai” is Encounter AI’s ordering assistant. Mai is one of the world’s most advanced augmented assistants explicitly built for restaurants and retail to improve accuracy, service, and speed.

She responds to your customers instantly via drive-thru, kiosk, or at-table and allows your staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Faster Throughput

Getting customers their orders faster is critical for the customer experience, but the faster the throughput, the more customers your drive-thru line can now handle. And more drive-thru orders mean more revenue!

Automatic suggested upselling

What would it mean to your bottom line if you were able to convert 50% of all sales to include up-sizing the fries and drink by simply asking every customer who orders?

Reduced Cognitive Load, Improved CX

Automating one more task for current employees allows them to focus on the customer, their order, and delivering it in a quick serviced fashion. And just in case one of your employees is having a bad day, we can program Mai to always be helpful and happy with each customer she encounters.

Reduced labor cost

With a shortage in the labor market and trends towards higher wages, Encounter AI’s Mai solution offers a 10:1 ROI when compared against the cost to recruit, hire, train, and retain a “B” player.

Customers love Mai’s robust & kaizen culture

Mai is designed to be ‘kaizen’ (or forever learning) and provides a robust voice solution to augment the drive-thru experience.

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Working with the industry’s best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results.

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